Massage therapy:
by appointment at the Laan van Meerdervoort 289 (Duinoord area), The Hague
30 min € 43,50        11 strippenkaart € 435
45 min € 53,50        11 strippenkaart € 535
60 min € 63,50        11 strippenkaart € 635
90 min € 86,50        11 strippenkaart € 865

Book directly your massage therapy session via this link!

Health-Choice is an approved healthcare provider for Cigna.
Clients insured with Cigna receive 10% discount on the prices for massage therapy and/or rehabilitation training. A written GP or medical specialist referral is required.

Cigna clients should not use the link above to make an appointment, but should use Whatsapp, text message, email or phone to make an appointment.


20 min Thumper Maxi Pro massage €20 or 11 strippenkaart €200
(to book via Whatsapp or text message)


Mobility Training / Personal Training / Rehabilitation training 1 on 1 or Small Group (maximum 4 persons):
Rates starting from €53,50 for a 1 on 1 session of 45 minutes or for example €21,50 per person in a small group of 3 participants, with a monthly prepayment or trainings strippenkaart purchase in advance.




Outdoor Boot Camp training in The Hague;
Monday and Wednesday at 09.00 and Saturday at 08.30 by Laan van Poot/Kwartellaan (Vogelwijk area) and Friday in the paleistuin, Centre area at 09.00:

per training, per person €15, 5 strippenkaart €60, 10 strippenkaart €95 and 20 strippenkaart €160.

Subscription per month for once a week €30 or unlimited participation per month €45 for more then 25 Bootcamp Team locations in greater The Hague area.

the subscription is terminable per month.

First lesson free!!!!




Prices are including V.A.T., a strippenkaart is valid for 12 months. 

Payments are to be made in cash, preferably in the exact change, or by bank transfer via the Tikkie app in advance. Bankaccountnumber NL64ABNA0432385541 attn. Health-Choice.
It is not possible to use ATM cards or credit cards.