Personal Training / Rehabilitation Training

What is it?
Many people find it difficult to start personal training / rehabilitation training or to work towards their specific fitness goals on their own. They don’t feel comfortable working out in big, overwhelming low-cost gyms that primarily focus on the number of memberships sold over the year.

This is why Personal Training Studio Health-Choice provides an effective, quality driven, discreet and a more pleasant alternative for personal training / rehabilitation training. 

As a (medical rehabilitation) personal trainer, I work in small group or one-on-one with my clients in private in my studio. I provide specific advice and guidance in the areas of exercise, fitness, nutrition and change in lifestyle.  Particularly, I focus on getting my clients inspired and on keeping their consistency high, to help my clients to safely speed up recovery after injury, to pursue their personal goals and I guide and teach them step by step how to achieve those goals.


Some personal goal examples with personal training / rehabilitation training are:
- I want to get fit, but I don’t know where to start
- I want to feel healthier and more energetic
- I don't want to have constant muscle aching after a workout
- I want to learn how to work out safely, so that in a while I can train on my own
- I don’t want to waste my time. I want to have an effective personal program
- I want to prevent injuries or safely recover from it
- I want to get rid of joint pain
- I want to move pain free again
- I want to move again without restrictions


What are the benefits of Health-Choice Personal / Rehabilitation Training?
You invest in results!

-  Personalized programs and undivided attention
-  Safely mastering routines, techniques and exercises
-  Private, non judgemental and discreet setting with no negative distractions
-  High hygiene standards
-  Injury prevention /quick injury recovery by altering and improving neuromuscular control

-  Mentality shift towards lifestyle and exercise
-  Less pain and physical discomfort, improved posture
-  Less stress
-  Increased mobility and stamina, better sleeping pattern
-  More control over your physical wellness
-  Better mood!


You work faster and better, more efficiently, easily and safely towards your personal goals, with higher consistency, fun and more awareness on technique and breathing.

In each session you are followed and coached step by step, exercise by exercise. It is not just about having someone in the gym with you. Together we set up an program, which suits your personal needs and the goals you want to achieve in a realistic amount of time.

In order to achieve results you will have to commit to regular work out (also in your own time). This will make you, as well as your trainer, accountable for the results, giving you an extra drive to succeed.


Health-Choice PT studio 2Health-Choice PT studio 1


Where is it based on?
The training is based on functional, save and efficient exercises. Not an amount of sets and reps per fitness machine, but a mixture of strength exercises with the right choice of training materials alternated with cardio, mobility and stability exercises. Combined together you achieve maximum results.

The PT studio doesn't rely on machines, but employs a variety of trainingmaterial. For example kettlebells, cones, resistance tubes, Reebok Steps, medicine balls and free weights (barbells and dumbbells). 


Your investment is determined by your goals and preferences:
- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday or Saturday
- In the (early) morning, afternoon or early evening
- In a small group of max. 4 people or one-on-one
- How many times a week?

Rates starting from €53,50 for a one on one session of 45 minutes or for example €21,50 per person in a small group of 3 participants. Other possibility is €63,50 for a one on one session of 60 minutes or €24 per person in a small group of 3 participants.

This with a monthly payment or purchase of a strippenkaart (pay 10, get 11) in advance.