Introduction Health-Choice

- Are you looking for a way to solve the underlying cause of your pain
or tension rather than just alleviating the symptoms?
- Do you want to reduce your muscles stifness caused by prolonged
sitting behind a desk and improve your joints mobility?
- Would you like to feel fit, healthier and more energetic?
- Do you want to prevent physical complaints from worsening?
- Do you want to prevent physical injuries?


Health Choice focuses on your total well-being by offering effective therapeutic massages, result-oriented personal training and rehabilitation training, tailored to your individual needs.The unique characteristics are the variety in and combinations of therapeutic massage and training:
- Mobility training
- Medical rehabilitation

- Functional massage:
fibromyalgia, sport,
deep tissue and trigger point techniques
- Bootcamp / outdoor fitness
- Specialisation in shoulder, rotator cuff, hip and knee 


For  further information on massages, outdoor fitness or personal / rehabilitation training please click on the English version button located on the top menu bar .


Health-Choice PT studio 1


The practice is located on the Laan van Meerdervoort 289 (crossing Valkenbosplein / Duinoord area).
Free parking until 18.00. Tram 3, 11, 34, 12 and bus 21 stop in the vicinity of the practice.




pictures made by Daisy van Knotsenburg:, The Hague
mobile +31 623457927