André Schutter


My name is André Schutter and I am a certified sports instructor, medical rehabilitation trainer and massage therapist. Specialised in outdoor (groups) lessons, personal training (consisting of injury prevention, mobility training and medical rehabilitation training) and massage therapy (a combination of fibromyalgia, sports, deep tissue and trigger point massage).

For more than 20 years I was an Account Manager and Team Leader and I’ve witnessed the negative effects of work related stress, wrong sitting posture and bad eating habits.
This is the reason why I started my own massage therapy practice and training studio in The Hague 11 years ago.


In the last 37 years I developed expertise, skills and knowledge in training and coaching people in Jiu-Jitsu, fitness and (sports) nutrition. During the last 12 years my focus has moved on to massage therapy and personal training, consisting of outdoor (group) lessons, injury prevention, medical rehabilitation and mobility training.
Specialisation in shoulder, neck, hip, back and knee.

My practice focuses on prevention and well being.
The unique combination of massage therapy and functional exercise has proven to bring successful results for clients in a relative short period of time.
At the core of Health-Choice is the safety of the clients and the trust they have in me.

Depending on personal situations and injuries, I adapt the type of exercises and customise the massage techniques or a combination of both, according to the specific needs of the client and the physical condition.                                .

Dutch and Expats clients from (International) organisations in The Hague area have experienced with great satisfaction the positive results of the services provide by Health-Choice.

Health-Choice is an approved healthcare provider for Cigna.



Andre Schutter


You will be amazed about what positive benefits and results are possible to achieve in a short period of time. Through exercising: more energy, better stamina and strength and through massage: relaxation, pain and tension relief and a better range of motion.
Experience a positive change in lifestyle.

I look forward to hearing from you on how we can work together to safely and result focused bring your body back in balance.

With warm regards,

André Schutter



Certifications/diplomas massage:
-  Swedish massage (relax)
-  Sports massage
-  TouchPro chair massage
-  Triggerpoint and deep tissue specialization
-  Massage for Fibromyalgia


Certifications/diplomas movement/sport:
-  Fitness instructor
-  Personal trainer
-  Nutrition consultant
-  Bootcamp instructor
-  Kettlebell instructor
-  Personal trainer medical rehabilitation
-  Medical r
ehabilitation specialization in shoulder/neck, hip, back and knee
-  Lifestyle coaching
-  Functional training during and after pregnancy
-  Mobility trainer level I, II and III
-  Post rehabilitation essentials


First AID skills